The Big Locing Myth. Yes, You Can Take Them Down.

Posted by Carla Isaac on

Guess what?


You can comb your locs out.


Yes!!!!! It's true.



It just takes FOREVER to comb them out and for many loc wearers, combing your locs out turns out to be something they wish they didn't do. I have performed this service on my clients and most either start their locs again later or end up complaining about how they wish they still had their locs.


But, I know firsthand.

I had my first set of locs for 8 years.


I would cut them shorter occasionally, but then I started to cut them more and more, until I looked up one day and I had cut them into a bob. Don't get me was cute.

I just felt like something was in my spirit telling me it was time for a change. So, there came a point when I said I was OVER IT!

However, my dilemma was, "Can the 'Loc Doc' be the 'Loc Doc' without locs?"

I thought long and hard about it. Then, one Thursday night after a Wale concert, I drove home and decided, I was going to do it. That night, I started combing my locs out. I had help here and there. I had some clients in between. It took a total of 40 hours of labor and by Monday morning, I was done. I wore many hats and head scarves that weekend and I got a few stares when a half-combed loc would pop out from the side, but I did it.


I will never forget the next morning when I woke up and how I instantly regretted my decision because I didn't have time to do my hair. So, needless to say, most days I rocked a fro.

I did things with my hair, but it took tons of planning and it wasn't as easy as those folks try to make it seem online.

(The picture in the blue dress are yarn braids and they made me miss my locs even more.)


I knew what I was doing because I AM A NATURAL HAIRSTYLIST. But I tried to tell people, it’s one thing to DO natural hair for my clients and to DO natural hair on a daily for myself.

In fact, that was the biggest regret about combing my locs out (insert long sigh), depending on how long you've had your locs, you might have become accustomed to the "get-up-and-go-ness" of having locs. I embraced my natural loose hair for about a year and then I ultimately cut my hair off

and started my locs again...

because I missed them...but that is another story.

And here I am 3 years later,


anticipating the long locs I had “once upon a time.” (INSERT ANOTHER LOC SIGH)





Anyway, before you bite the bullet and follow in my steps, here are 8 things to consider before you decide to comb your locs out:

1. What the hell will you do with your hair when you comb your locs out?

2. The longer you've had the locs, the longer it will take to comb out.

3. Doing it yourself takes 3 times as long as if someone else was doing it OR you had help. I offer a "loc take down service" so I'm sure you can find a professional loctician that you can consult with and/or hire to comb out for you.

4. Make sure you have the right tools to take your locs down.

5. Don't comb them out the moment you decide you are done with the locing journey. Take a few weeks to think about it.

6. The method you used to maintain your locs will affect how difficult it will be to take them down.

7. Be sure this is what you want to do because you will be kicking yourself the morning after when you have to wake up and do your hair.

8. If you plan to cut your hair into a style after you comb them out, consider cutting your locs shorter and THEN combing them out. This can save you tons of time.

I hope this helped you in your locing endeavors. Send us pics ( if you decide to bite the bullet. We would love to show your before and after.


Peace, Love, and Nappiness!

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